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Boulder Colorado Pool Removal

With this Boulder Colorado Pool Removal project a repeating theme occurred. The customer made the decision to remove the pool without giving further thought about what to do with the reclaimed space. Having years of experience this does not phase us at all. The method of pool removal remains the same but it’s the finishing that’s left up for discussion and for which we have many options.

Fall is one the best times to remove your pool and have it filled in. This returns your backyard to it’s original condition allowing you to enjoy the winter experience hassle free. With many clients unsure of what they want to do we have developed a process to help ease what can often be a very emotional and mentally exhausting decision to make. Our process recommends removing the pool and starting with a clean slate. Then take at least two weeks or ideally the whole winter to experience the new space before planning what you do next.

Removing the pool in fall gives the client the time to experience the space during the winter when deciduous plants lose leaves and to consider where evergreen plants need to go to screen in wanted views.

After demolition

Hardscape is a big investment. Your new patio just needs to be the perfect size and function the way you want it to. Not too big (then you paid too much for material you’re not using) and not too small (then it does not function). Take the time to think about how you want you use your patio, how many people to you want to accommodate, what elements you would like to incorporate (fire pit, outdoor kitchen etc.). What furniture and the space it needs to function properly? Then lastly start thinking about size and shape.

Boulder Colorado Pool Removal
Temporary mat covering for the winter while client decides

Fall is great if you have a clear plan of what you want to do next as there are great blow out deals on plant material. If you have not yet decided what you want to do then you can take the winter to experience the space. At the same time you can plan it out and start getting bids. This will allow you to hit the ground running next spring. Ideally you want to have all your work contracted by early March to be at the top of the list for a spring install and enjoy your new back yard all summer. Taking the winter time to plan and bid out project can lead to greater savings for the client by making sure they know what they want next and having time find and price out multiple contractors.

Pool Demolition by the Experts

This Boulder Colorado Pool Removal was a perfect example of where a client makes a snap decision to remove a pool that’s beyond repair and then wants to delay the decision of what to do with the newly created real estate.

Pool demolition is not like any other type of demolition exercise. It’s not a matter of just getting out the wrecking ball, there are many aspects to consider. We have many years of experience doing indoor pool removals, inground pool removal and above ground pool removals. Contact us for a chat.

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