Pool Removals

Tired of fixing that old pool?

You might be surprised that removing your pool may add value to your property and save you a lot of money. Mack Land, LLC is an expert in affordable pool demolition and landscape restoration projects.   Mack Land LLC is a trusted industry leader in pool removal and has responsibly removed over 100 pools.

The Mack Land Difference

We have built a successful business removing residential, commercial and municipal swimming pools based on our reputation and getting the job done right the first time. We respectfully work around your home and respect the trees and existing landscape.  We do our best to minimize the impact to your property.  As landscape architects, we conduct ourselves with the utmost level of professionalism.

What makes us different is how we handle this process. We use low impact machinery that minimizes the damage to your property.  Part of our solution, is restoring the space where the pool once was.

We are committed to implementing pool removal solutions that minimize damage to the surrounding landscape and paved surfaces. We minimize our impact by protecting sensitive areas.  We use low impact equipment and leave the job site professionally restored and properly cleaned.

Mack Land, LLC is an expert in affordable pool demolition and landscape restoration projects.

Why Mack Land, LLC is the Premier Pool Removal Contractor

  • Guaranteed Competitive Pricing & Ethical Business Practices
  • Guaranteed Minimal Settling
  • Certified non contaminated fill dirt and quality structural fill dirt
  • Registered Landscape Architects and Contractors that can handle irrigation, brick pavers, and other landscape issues
  • Mack Land has removed more than 100+ pools in IL, WI, and CO
  • Mack Land has developed specific processes to efficiently demolish swimming pools with lower impact to your property
  • Mack Land will complete the project in a timely manner and is a one stop shop
  • Mack Land has the right credentials to obtain permits and resolve permit issues in a timely manner

The Best in the Business

As registered landscape architects, we want your pool removal to be as seamless and efficient as possible and can help you design a new and beautiful landscape to replace your pool.

We’ll also provide you with a pool removal closure report documenting the pool removal process should you wish to sell your home in the future.

We specialize in:

  • In-Ground Pool Removals
  • Above Ground Pool Removals
  • Indoor Pool Removals
  • Commercial & Municipal Pool Removals
  • Restoration of the existing pool space
  • Pool retirements
  • Pool closures
  • Pool demolitions

Contact us today to learn more about Mack Land LLC’s pool removal process and request a quote.

Mack Land’s Pool Removal Process

What makes us different is how we handle this process. We use low impact machinery that minimizes damage to your property and we restore the space where the pool once was.

  • Breaking into basketball sized pieces, compacted with sand and pea gravel allows for proper drainage.
  • All trash is removed and hauled offsite to be disposed of properly.
  • Using grass seed instead of sod creates a healthy lawn with deep roots and higher pest resistance.
  • Quality fill material with our layered compaction process leads to zero “settling issues”.

The Other Guys’ Process

  • No professional qualifications to be setting grades.
  • Leaving pool bottom intact allows little to no drainage which leads to future problems.
  • Trash and debris is left onsite and buried.
  • Poor quality fill material without proper compaction can lead to future settling problems.
  • No professional closure report.



Are you looking for the right pool removal solution?

We have removed 100+ of pools and are the leaders in pool removals.

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