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Above Ground Pool Removal

The process of above ground pool removal differs somewhat to the traditional concrete pool removal. Here we will discuss the process of above ground pool removal a little more.

As discussed in our various previous posts there are many reasons why one  would want to remove a pool. What’s most important once you make the decision is to choose a contractor who follows best practice. It’s not just a case of smash it up and haul away the rubble.

Above Ground Pool Removal

The first step is to call in  Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE)  1 week prior to start. JULIE provides Illinois excavators and underground utility owners with a continuously improving, one-call message handling and delivery service committed to protecting underground utilities and the safety of people working or living near them.

You may be surprised by what’s buried in your yard. That’s because most electric, gas, water, sewer and telecommunications companies are delivering utility services underground.

Few people know that state law requires you to notify JULIE at least two business days before any digging project regardless of the project size or depth so that can assist in ensuring that none of the utilities get damaged.

Next step is to pump out existing pool water and discharge to curb or on property. We keep abreast of the regulations in both the Chicago and Denver areas to ensure that the discharge of this water is done according to state requirements.

All pool utilities, gas and electric then need to be safely disconnected and removed.

The pool liner is then carefully removed and disposed of offsite.
The remaining supporting structure is disassembled and all materials are then recycled.
We then bring in the appropriate type of topsoil to cover the disturbed area that was previously under the above ground pool.
This area is then covered with sod or seeded according to the wishes of the client.

We are particularly familiar with pool removals in Northbrook. If you live in that area make sure to call us first.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to do your own above ground pool removal. We have been dong this for years and we will be in and out with the least amount of hassle and in the quickest time.

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