Mack Land LLC - Bill Bowen master craftsman and architect  – Pool Removal

Bill Bowen master craftsman and architect – Pool Removal

Bill Bowen was a lesser known Coloradan architect. He began his private Architectural practice in 1962. Bill was partner in NBBB Architects and owner of BBB Architects. He practiced architecture for almost 50 years, winning many architectural awards.

Even after retirement, Bill Bowen continued to win numerous awards, including best smile and best sense of humor!

One of Bill’s masterpieces was a home that he built for himself in the 70’s. He did most of the construction himself and won a structural design award for the project.

The house had many unusual features including this UFO shaped swimming pool.

Bill Bowen

The current homeowners are both successful designers. The house influences their work every day and is an inspiration. They are committed to honoring and preserving the original architects’ ideas. The pool was in a bad state of disrepair and the owners had some decisions to make.

Mackland LLC is the well know and respected Golden Colorado pool removal company. Our reputation and our unique Pool Removal Process is what lead the owners of this house to contact us. After some consultation it was decided to remove the pool but preserve the shape that it previously occupied converting it to synthetic turf.

This was a challenging mountain terrain project that needed a specialized solution. We used a combination of rock slinger trucks and a blower truck to place the fill material.

See this galley showing the progression of the job.

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