Mack Land LLC - Colorado Springs, CO – Indoor Pool Removal

Colorado Springs, CO – Indoor Pool Removal

Our client in Colorado Springs, CO contacted us about an indoor pool removal job.

The Problem

This all concrete indoor pool was not being used and our client wanted to reuse the space as a 3-season bonus room for the kids.

The Method

One week prior to starting we received assistance in identifying and locating underground utilities.

We then sealed off all openings and provided dust control. Being an indoor pool access need to be created for our machinery. To this end the sliding doors were removed.
The existing pool water was then pumped out and discharged to the curb.
All pool utilities, both gas and electric were then safely disconnect and removed.

We punched holes in the pool bottom for drainage. We then used a concrete saw cutter to saw cut the top of wall and pool coping out about 18″ below the grade. This provided a clean, level edge for the new concrete floor. All resulting rubble was disposed of offsite.

To complete the job we imported structural fill materials which was then compacted in layers to bring it to grade and did final preparation for the new concrete floor to be poured.

6 Reasons to remove your swimming pool

Why Choose us?

Removing a below ground pool is not an easy task, Indoor Pool Removal requires a lot more care and finesse. Utilizing that latest in low impact techniques, we were able to get our machinery into a confined space and complete the job safely and with no collateral damage to the main house.

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