Mack Land LLC - Greenwood Village, CO – Pool Removal

Greenwood Village, CO – Pool Removal

This Greenwood Village, CO – Pool Removal was recently completed. No two pool removal exercises are exactly the same. We need to take into consideration the construction of the pool, it’s location on the property and local rules and regulations.

The Problem

Some cities or villages require that all concrete or materials associated with a pool removal are to be completely removed from the property.  This Greenwood Village, CO – Pool Removal was an instance where this applied. This pool was an in ground all concrete construction. It had fallen into disrepair and the owner decided that it was time to reclaim the land that it occupied turning it into a lovely play area covered with fresh lawn.


The Method

One week prior to starting we received assistance in identifying and locating underground utilities.

We then sealed off all openings and provided dust control.
The existing pool water was then pumped out and discharged to the curb.
All pool utilities, both gas and electric were then safely disconnect and removed.

We broke up all of the concrete pool and surrounding concrete deck and hauled it offsite for recycling.  We back filled with clean fill material, compacting in layers.  Once to final grade, we installed sod to tie into the existing lawn area and provide a spacious play area for the family.

While onsite we were requested to make use of our landscape architecture skills. Some overgrown shrubs and dead trees were removed to further open up the space and new trees were planted to provide shade to the upper patio.

Why Choose Us?

As mentioned above, no two pool removals are the same. We have many years of experience in this industry and there is no type of job that we have not come across before.

In addition we have many other services that we can offer other than just the removal of the pool.

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