Mack Land LLC - Littleton, CO – Fiberglass Pool removal

Littleton, CO – Fiberglass Pool removal

This Littleton, Co – Fiberglass Pool removal job demonstrates that not all in ground pools are concrete. While the same general principles of pool removal apply the details are a little different.

The Problem

Our client wanted a lawn area where the pool had been for the kids to play. In addition they requested large planting beds surrounding the lawn area in which she could creatively plant trees and shrubs to provide screening from neighbors.

The Method

Unlike the process with a concrete pool removal where the concrete is all broken up and used as fill material, in this case the fiberglass shell is totally removed.  Here we pulled the entire shell out almost in one piece and disposed of it offsite.

We imported clean back-fill material and brought the area to grade.  This is a must to ensure that there is a seamless transition between the existing garden and where the pool used to be.

Mack Land, LLC uses local fill dirt from residential projects only in compliance with all IL, WI, CO, and Federal EPA Codes. We also inspect and reject loads of dirt that are not suitable. We make sure you are getting local, uncontaminated fill dirt that has the right soil structure to reduce settling issues.

We usually seed all disturbed areas with Kentucky Bluegrass mix with DS-75 Erosion Control but are happy to match any existing lawn with the appropriate seed or make use of sod. Can’t decide? See here.

Why Choose Us?

While this was a Littleton, Co – Fiberglass Pool removal we have done the same in the Chicago area as well as all of the other variations in both the Chicago and Denver areas. Deal with the professionals and get the job done right the first time.

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