Mack Land LLC - Pool removal in Northbrook, IL

Pool removal in Northbrook, IL

The Problem

We received a call from a client to do a pool removal in Northbrook, IL. Their pool was becoming uneconomical to maintain and a bit of an eyesore and they requested us to have the pool removed.

This was another all concrete pool removal, in this instance it was tied into a sitting area with seat walls.

The pool had several cracks, had not been used in several years and was a large state of disrepair.

The Method

We used a concrete saw cutter to cut away the portion of the patio that were to remain with the seat walls.  We used low impact machinery to break up the entire pool bottom to minimize any collateral damage to the rest of the property.

The walls were taken three feet down and the concrete patio around the pool was demolished as well.

All the broken concrete was left onsite as structural fill.

We imported clay fill dirt, compacted in layers and topped it with black dirt to fine grade the area. The project was finally completed by laying sod matching the existing lawn.

What Makes Us Different

There is the right way and the wrong way to approach pool removal. Make sure that you visit our pool removal page for more information.


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