Mack Land LLC - Wheat Ridge, CO Pool Removal

Wheat Ridge, CO Pool Removal

We received this Wheat Ridge, CO pool removal request at our Denver office.

It was the end of fall with spring around the corner and this client decided that it was time to create a lot more usable back yard space. Their below ground liner pool had seen better days and it’s removal would create the required extra space.

Out of picture was a large wooden deck which we also removed in order to leave as clean a finish as possible.

Swimming pools come in all shapes, sizes and methods of construction. This liner pool had metal sides and a sandy bottom.

Like many of our clients this Wheat Ridge Pool Removal client wanted to some peace of mind about the process. Here are some the questions that were asked along with their answers.

After the pool has been removed and filled in, what about settling?

We fill in the pool in compact even layers. As a result, to date MackLand LLC has never had an issue with settling on a pool removal.

How long will it take?

Most in ground pool removals are completed in 3-7 days.

Who gets the permits?

MackLand, LLC will obtain all permits and pay all permit fees as part of our services.

How do we get started?

MackLand, LLC will start the permit process with a signed contract and a copy of your plat of survey.

What is better sod or seed?

Seed is by far the best way to go. Grass grown from seed will develop a more drought tolerant root system and blend into your existing lawn better. Also with sod it very possible to get grubs and other pests from the sod farm.

When do you need the project deposit?

MackLand, LLC prefers to pick up the deposit check in person after the permits are approved. We will deliver the permits and pick up the deposit check at that time. The remaining balance is due on completion.

As you can see from the photo there is no sign that there was ever a pool in the garden. For now the extra space created is bare while the client decides what to do with it. Maybe lay down some mulch , plant some hydrangeas or even venture into the water conservation field of xeriscaping.

Once our client decides in what direction to go our qualified landscape architects can be contacted in order to advise accordingly.

Do you live in the greater Chicago or Denver areas and want to increase the real estate value of your property? Contact us to discuss having your pool removed.


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