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Fiberglass Pool Removal

The location of this fiberglass pool removal job was in Huntley, Il.

This was an above ground salt water pool that had fallen into bad disrepair.

With the high water table, water was welling up underneath the pool ultimately leading to cracks in the middle.

This fiberglass pool was becoming a real hassle to maintain and the client wanted it removed.

We approached this fiberglass pool removal job with the same attention to detail that we approach all of our pool removal jobs.  One thing that did make this project stand out is that all the fill material was on site from when they excavated to put in the pool.

1. Call JULIE to do a utility locate prior to digging
2. Install plywood and/or wood chips to protect access path as needed
3. Pump out existing pool water and discharge to curb or on property
4. Safely disconnect and remove all pool utilities, gas and electric
5. Remove pool liner and dispose offsite
6. Break up and pulverize pool bottom into 10” recycled fractured concrete fill
8. Break up pool deck and pulverize pool deck into 10” minus recycled fractured concrete fill
9. Compact all fractured concrete in layers
10. Import fill, distribute and compact fill material
11. Import pulverized topsoil as needed
12. Grade entire disturbed area (all areas will be graded with positive drainage away from all structures)
13. Seed all disturbed areas with Kentucky Bluegrass mix with DS-75 Erosion Control (straw blanket)

This was a recent fiberglass pool removal and as a result we do not yet have photos to show how good the garden looks after the the removal exercise.

So if you live in the greater Denver or Chicago area and for whatever reason need your pool removed please make sure to contact us. Also make sure to visit our experience page to see some of our previous pool removal work.


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