Mack Land LLC - Fox Lake, Illinois Pool Removal

Fox Lake, Illinois Pool Removal

Fiberglass Sides with Concrete Bottom Pool Removal

After putting a lot of work into the inside of the house, our clients were ready to tackle projects out in the yard.  This unused pool in Fox Lake, Illinois needed to go.  It had not been used in years and cattails were growing in the deep end.

This pool was a typical style we see in the Chicagoland area.  Fiberglass walls with a concrete bottom.  The fiberglass walls were removed and hauled offsite.  The concrete was broken up into small pieces and used as structural fill in the deep end of the pool.

This pool was located in the side yard.  This gave us great access and enabled us to drive trucks right up to the pool area and speed up the process of bringing in dirt.  As always, we compacted as we went to help prevent any settling.

The client is planning to finish the area with sod later this spring and is excited to have even more usable yard space.

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