Mack Land LLC - Marshall Fire Boulder Colorado Pool Removal

Marshall Fire Boulder Colorado Pool Removal

The Marshall Fire was a fire that started on December 30, 2021, shortly before 10:30 a.m. MST, as a grass fire in Boulder County, Colorado.
In terms of structures lost, it is the most destructive fire in Colorado history. By of the evening of January 1, 2022, an estimated 1084 structures, including houses, a hotel and at least one shopping center, had burned. The rapidly spreading Marshall Fire damaged 149 more.

This was a new type of suburban fire never seen before. In the past wildfires only occurred in the foothills. As a result many home owners found themselves underinsured. In addition the skyrocketing cost to rebuild as a result of inflation, high fuel cost and supply chain deficits added to the problem.  After all the insurance companies payed out there was a race to rebuild or sell. This began over extending local architects, engineers and contractors with massive influx of work.  Securing local resources to rebuild was key for these victims to moving on with out further delay waiting for local resources to free up.  

Mackland, Denver’s premium Pool Removal company was approached to remove a swimming pool that sustained major damage during the Marshall Fire. We offered a discounted price to help this client and expedited the project quickly so they could sell the lot while the real estate market was hot.

As with every job that we undertake we follow all of the safety guidelines. We called Colorado 811 indicating our intention to make sure that we could dig without interfering with any underground utilities.

This job did not require the usual finesse requiring our compact equipment. The big guns were rolled in to deal with this job quickly and efficiently.

Why use Mackland LLC?

The planning and design of any project is an exciting endeavor for us at Mack Land, LLC. We work closely with our clients on a personal basis to provide cost-conscious design solutions in response to their specific needs and lifestyles.

We pride ourselves in providing swimming pool removal and installation solutions that are low impact. Our goal is to give our clients a positive experience from concept design to implementation.

We’re tech savvy. We bring modern solutions and equipment to your project to complete it. We test and implement robotic lawn mowers, irrigation systems controlled by your smart phone, automated outdoor lighting and so much more!

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