Mack Land LLC - Morton Grove, Illinois Vinyl Liner Pool Removal

Morton Grove, Illinois Vinyl Liner Pool Removal

We recently removed a vinyl liner pool in Morton Grove.  The homeowners had not been using the swimming pool in many years and were ready to see it go.  The cover had fallen in and the liner was starting to pull away from the walls.  The homeowner wanted to use the space for other sports and has plans to eventually install a sport court.

Mack Land, LLC

This pool was a typical vinyl liner pool, vermiculite bottom with steel walls.  After removing the sunken cover, vinyl liner and steel walls, we back-filled and compacted the area.  We also removed the concrete pool deck and fence that surrounded the pool.  Our trained operators have many options on getting the dirt to your backyard.  Even though this property appeared to have wide open access, there was an architectural element on the property that restricted access.

Mack Land, LLC

To finish, we spread grass seed and installed erosion control blanket to reduce the chance of dirt washing away.  While we did seed later in the year, the grass seed will go dormant over the winter and germinate in the spring once the ground temperature stays at 55 degrees.

Mack Land, LLC

No one removes more pools than Mack Land.  If you live in the greater Chicago or Denver areas please do not hesitate to give us a call about swimming pool removal or any of the other services that we offer. Also make sure to visit our experience page to see some of our previous pool removal work.

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