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Robot Mowers in the Landscape

Yesterday we presented a talk on robotic lawn mowers with Kathy Moseler of Paradise Robotics at the iLandscape Show that is currently going on in Schaumburg, IL.  In case you missed it, here are a few highlights of what we covered:

Robot Mower Basics

  • The majority of robot mowers work with a perimeter wire and a transmitter/receiver system.
  • The robot mower works within the perimeter of the wire, mowing in a random pattern, covering the whole area over time.
  • Robot mower perimeter wire has  less installation cost, and the same maintenance requirements, as a lawn sprinkler system.
  • Robot mowers improve grass health while reducing water and fertilizer requirements.
  • Robot mowers are quiet and do not pollute.
  • Robot mowers have significant safety benefits that reduce landscape business operating costs.

Mack Land, robot mower, pool removal company, landscape architect

Design for People, Accommodate Robots

  • Site analysis to address low spots, obstacles (trees, fences, water features), steep slopes.
  • Use landscape to avoid potential mower conflicts: narrow lawn sections, tight corners…
  • Edgers of metal and plastic are not to be used with robotic mowers.
  • Hard surfaces such as pavers, mulch or gravel level with the lawn, work well.
  • Gentle curves allow the robot mower to reach all desired areas, avoid 90 degree turns.


Robot mowers are for more than use residential use:

  • Commercial & Industrial Settings – vineyards, solar fields
  • School & Office Campuses – environmentally friendly
  • Hotels & Resorts – no loud mowers disrupting pool time
  • Municipalities – free up staff to address other items

The popularity of robot mowing has been on the rise in current years.  In Europe, the market has fully adopted robot mowers.  With all the makes and models coming on to the market, there is a robot mower for almost any size yard, including large fields.

Paradise Robotics, Ambrogio, robot mowing

If you are attending the iLandscape show, make sure to stop by the Paradise Robotics booth (#519) and talk to Kathy to learn more about robot mowing and find out more about other robots currently on the market.   If you live in the greater Chicago or Denver areas, give us a call .

Mack Land, robot mower, pool removal company, landscape architect


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