Mack Land LLC - Wilmette, Illinois Pool Removal

Wilmette, Illinois Pool Removal

All Concrete Pool Removal

Our clients had recently purchased their new home. Unfortunately it came with a backyard pool they did not want. So they called us here at Mack Land to have it removed.

This all concrete pool took up most of the back yard. We broke up the pool bottom and took down the pool walls. We also broke up the surrounding concrete walk and hauled that concrete offsite. There was an old timber retaining wall at the back edge of the pool that we removed as well.

We backfilled with clean material and compacted as we went. We finished with topsoil, seed and erosion control blanket. Our clients now have a large backyard for their child to explore.

If you live in the greater Chicago or Denver areas please do not hesitate to give us a call about swimming pool removal or any of the other services that we offer. Also make sure to visit our experience page to see some of our previous pool removal work.

No one removes more pools than Mack Land.

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