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Cary, IL Pool Removal

In our 6 Reasons to remove your swimming pool article we mention how mosquitoes could be attracted to stagnant pool water, this was the case in this Cary, IL pool removal exercise.

The most common reasons why we get asked to remove a swimming pool is usually due to cost of maintenance or that the pool is in a total state of disrepair.  In this Cary pool removal a neighbor complained that the water in the pool was attracting a large number of mosquitoes and reported the owner to the Cary village management. In turn, Mackland LLC was approached to take care of business!!

Below you can see how we use our low impact compact excavator to assist with the demolition of the old pool.

Cary Pool Removal during

While no two pool removal jobs are identical our proven formula works as follows:-

1. Call in a Utility Locate “Julie” 1 week prior to start
2. Pump out existing pool water and discharge to curb
3. Safely disconnect and remove all pool utilities, gas and electric
4. Remove pool liner and dispose offsite
5. Disassemble pool and recycle all materials
6. Import topsoil
7. Seed and blanked disturbed area after regrading to provide a smooth transition into the existing lawn

Below you can see the regrading exercise to get the whole area ready for seeding.

Cary pool removal

In addition to the above, there was a Trex composite deck built around the pool leading towards the house. We removed most of the deck but left the section up at the house intact. After many years, there was an accumulation of junk that had been stored  under the deck which our client requested that we dispose of as well.

The before and after photo shows how well the mission was accomplished. In a matter of months the lawn seed will have sprouted matching the surround leaving a lovely uninterrupted landscape and more importantly a happy neighbor.

Worried about how much lawn you’ll have to mow? Take a look at our article on the excellent Italian made Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers and let us help you choose a model suitable for your needs.

If you live in the greater Chicago or Denver areas and have a pool that needs removing then make sure to contact us for a free quote.




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