Mack Land LLC - Skokie, IL Pool Removal

Skokie, IL Pool Removal

Our Illinois branch in Chicago just completed this Skokie Pool Removal.

A traditional all concrete in ground pool including a large deck that dominated the back yard. The client having small children felt that the pool was a safety risk. It was too expensive to secure and they wanted to reclaim the land so that the children would have safe environment in which to play.

As with many of our clients, this client really did not want to remove the pool. After a number of attempts to make the pool an attraction ultimately the operating and maintenance costs started to increase and they eventually decided that it was time.

Watch our pool removal video here.

This is the process that we followed:-

1. Call in a Utility Locate “Julie” 1 week prior to start
2. Install plywood and/or wood chips to protect access path as needed
3. Pump out existing pool water and discharge to curb or on property
4. Safely disconnect and remove all pool utilities, gas and electric
5. Demolish and haul off concrete pool bottom
6. Demolish pool sides and haul off all concrete
7. Demolish pool deck and haul off all concrete
8. Import fill, distribute and compact fill material
9. Import pulverized topsoil as needed
10. Grade entire disturbed area (all areas will be graded with positive drainage away from all structures)
11. Seed all disturbed areas with Kentucky Bluegrass mix with DS-75 Erosion Control (straw blanket)
12. Remove plywood and/or wood chips along access path

As recycling is most important to us as a matter of course we recycle as much as possible.

Other options that this client could consider would be to install a smart irrigation system followed by a robotic lawn mower to take care of the new expanse of lawn.

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