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West Chicago, IL Pool Removal

Sometimes we get a bit of a surprise once we start a job, this West Chicago, IL Pool removal was one of those.

As with many of the pool removal jobs that we get called to, one of the reasons for this one was the rising cost of maintenance which were becoming a bit of a burden on the budget. Sadly, there was a second reason as well. The pool owner’s family pet had recently drowned in the pool.

And now for the surprise. When we first did the site inspection for this West Chicago Pool Removal it appeared that this was liner pool with a vermiculite bottom. However once work got underway we soon discovered that there were more layers. Under the vermiculite there was also a concrete bottom.  Having been in the pool removal for years this did not phase us it just required a small adjustment in our overall approach as DuPage County requires that everything be removed.

As with all of our jobs we take care of the environment to the best of our ability. In this case we installed plywood to protect the access path to the pool.

All existing pool water was then pumped out to the curb according to local regulations. Following this all electricity, gas etc. was safely disconnected.

As mentioned above, after using our low impact machinery to break up the concrete, it was removed off site and recycled.

The area was then filled, graded and finished with grass seed and blanket.

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No two pool removal jobs are the same and now and again as with this one, we get thrown the odd curved ball!

If you are in the greater Chicago or Denver areas and need your pool removed then please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary estimate.





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