Ambrogio L400 Elite

The Ambrigio L400 Elite caught our attention here at MackLand, LLC.

The Italians aren’t only famous for their sports cars, motorcycles, clothing, food etc. They have also used their flair for design and attention to detail in the field of robotic mowers.

In our previous robotic lawn mower articles we discussed what features to look for when choosing one  and more specifically about the Italian made Ambrogio range of robotic mowers. The Ambrogio L400 Elite now takes things to a whole new level.

We provide many services including landscape architecture, irrigation etc. but most often our swimming pool removal services are the catalyst for implementing many of these robotic lawn mowers. Customers have their  swimming pools removed for a variety of reasons and then need to make a decision what to do with the resulting space. Besides garden trains, car lifts and other interesting uses of the space the most common request after a pool removal job we are asked to do is to turn the resulting space into a luscious lawn. These clients need to start thinking about how to maintain this new expanse of lawn. Enter the Ambrogio L400 Elite.

While lesser models need to make use of a perimeter wire to ensure that the mower does not head off to the neighbors, the Ambrogio L400 Elite makes use of very accurate differential GPS technology allowing the robot to cover large areas without the need for a perimeter wire. These advanced cutting and navigation systems guarantee inch level cutting precision, memorizing and avoiding the areas that have already been mowed.

A map can be defined at the time of installation that allows the robot to mow in straight lines, reducing the mowing time to the minimum possible.

All of these features making the Ambrogio L400 Elite the world’s only robotic lawnmower that can covers areas up to 7.5 acres.

With such great features and huge coverage ability, the care and maintenance of very large areas, such as airfields, golf courses, football fields and parks becomes easy with the Ambrogio L400 Elite.

Read more about this clever robotic mower here and if you live in the greater Chicago or Denver areas talk to us about including an estimate for the implementation of an Ambrogio L400 Elite when we supply you with our estimate for other work.