Above Ground Pool Removal

The process of above ground pool removal differs somewhat to the traditional concrete pool removal. Here we will discuss the process of above ground pool removal a little more.

As discussed in our various previous posts there are many reasons why one  would want to remove a pool. What’s most important once you make the decision is to choose a contractor who follows best practice. It’s not just a case of smash it up and haul away the rubble.

Above Ground Pool Removal

The first step is to call in  Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE)  1 week prior to start. JULIE provides Illinois excavators and underground utility owners with a continuously improving, one-call message handling and delivery service committed to protecting underground utilities and the safety of people working or living near them.

You may be surprised by what’s buried in your yard. That’s because most electric, gas, water, sewer and telecommunications companies are delivering utility services underground.

Few people know that state law requires you to notify JULIE at least two business days before any digging project regardless of the project size or depth so that can assist in ensuring that none of the utilities get damaged.

Next step is to pump out existing pool water and discharge to curb or on property. We keep abreast of the regulations in both the Chicago and Denver areas to ensure that the discharge of this water is done according to state requirements.

All pool utilities, gas and electric then need to be safely disconnected and removed.

The pool liner is then carefully removed and disposed of offsite.
The remaining supporting structure is disassembled and all materials are then recycled.
We then bring in the appropriate type of topsoil to cover the disturbed area that was previously under the above ground pool.
This area is then covered with sod or seeded according to the wishes of the client.

We are particularly familiar with pool removals in Northbrook. If you live in that area make sure to call us first.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to do your own above ground pool removal. We have been dong this for years and we will be in and out with the least amount of hassle and in the quickest time.

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Robotic Mower – Which one for my lawn?

The Robotic Mower

Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for some time but the Robotic Mower is relatively new to the market.

Here we will discuss a little more about how they work, what features to look for and how to choose the right one for your lawn.

Why buy a robotic mower when traditional lawn mowers have done the job for years?

No more gas mower servicing.

More free time while the robotic mower does the job for you.

Some distance between you and those allergy causing particles.

Less time being exposed to those harmful sun rays.

Frequent mowing means a perfect carpet like lawn every time with no weeds.

How do Robotic Mowers work?

A base station is installed that connects to your house mains. This base station is where the robotic mower lives and gets charged when it’s not mowing the lawn.

A guide wire that starts at the base station is run along the perimeter of the area to be so that the mower knows where all the edges are. At the end of it’s mowing cycle it will return to base on its own to continue charging, ready for the next day’s mowing.

Complex areas can be broken up into zones and using various accessories these zones can also be dealt with by the robotic mower.


Every day, the mower cuts a few millimeters of grass and leaves the clippings on the ground, fertilizing your lawn in a natural way.

Obstacles are easily handled with the robotic mower detecting obstacles and mowing around them.


What are the typical specifications?

There are a number of makes a models designed to handle everything from the smallest area all the way up to more than an acre. Depending on the model selected the specifications will fall somewhere in this range.

  •  LAWN SIZE : from 1/20th to a 1 1/4 Acre
  •  MOWING WIDTH : from 7 to 22 INCH
  •  MOWING HEIGHT : 0.5-3.14 INCH
  •  MOWING MOTOR : 200W-400W
  •  SLOPES : up to 50%

What are the typical features?

There are a number of models to choose from that will have a combination of the following features.

  • Reliability
  • Excellent cutting result
  • GPS-assisted navigation
  • Weather timer
  • Low noise
  • Cell phone app. control
  • Quick charge
  • Latest battery technology
  • Remote object detection
  • Weather proof
  • Anti-theft alarm


Mackland LLC has extensive knowledge about Ambrogio robotic mowers having installed them for customers and using them for their own purposes in both the Denver and Chicago areas.

Don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong product for the job ask the experts for advice. As part of your Chicago and Denver area landscaping architecture project, we will even source, deliver and install for you.

6 Reasons to Remove your Swimming Pool


1. Reduce Stress and Enjoy your Back Yard

• Having a swimming pool in disrepair is stressful and could be a liability
• Every time you look into the back yard you see it and it haunts you
• At night you may lie awake trying to figure out how to deal with the problem
• Neighbors may be complaining and you may start receiving letters from the City or Village

2. Increase Real Estate Value

• Gain a bigger yard with more usable space and a more marketable space for realtors to sell, even consider adding a garden train
• Houses without a swimming pool appeal to a broader market
• Houses being sold “as is” with a swimming pool in disrepair will decrease the value of the home more than
it will cost to remove it and may decrease surrounding property values
• The cost of removing a swimming pool in disrepair will be significantly offset by the value it adds to the
property and it will make the property easier to sell

3. Save Money

• Property Tax Reduction – Pool are considered usable space are you are taxed on it
• Reduce your Home Owners Insurance Premium – Pools are a safety liability
• Lower your monthly utility costs, energy costs are constantly rising, your pool will only become
more expensive
• Water costs are rising
• Repairing an old swimming pool will cost a lot more than it will be to remove a pool over the long run

4. Conserve Clean Water

• There is a shortage of clean water in the world

5. Public Pools are like Water Parks

• Public pools are up-to-date with latest safety features such as shallow pools for toddlers
• Public pools increase social interaction among children and parents, making a community
• Your taxes are paying for the public pools, so why not use them

6. Reduce West Nile Mosquito Breeding Grounds

• Abandoned pools are the ideal spot for mosquitoes to breed

Contact us about removing your swimming pool.

We do work in both the northern Chicago and Denver areas.