Greenwood Village Pool Removal

In this Greenwood Village Pool Removal the customer had an unusual request.
He wanted the concrete pool deck to be left behind. This would require us to just remove the swimming pool shell without doing any damage to the surround. Many customers think that by doing this it will save money on demolition. In reality though it makes the job a lot harder.

Greenwood Village Pool Removal

It would also mean that it would be difficult to fully drain the pool.
There would also be the risk that a lot of dirt that was previously supported by the walls of the pool shell would collapse in.
In this instance the 20 year old concrete deck work was very well done and had sentimental value to the owner. His vision was to fill in the void with artificial turf topped dirt to be used as a play area for his soon to be born granddaughter. This could result in a cheap looking end result as opposed to a complete makeover but the customer is always right and we proceeded with this Greenwood Village Pool Removal.

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