Centennial Pool Removal

In this Centennial Pool Removal we were approached by a realtor who introduced us to the client.

This was a very unique property with a lot of character. It had unique masonry work all over and a back yard with mature pine trees with a mountain forest feel .
As often happens the client was not thinking much about the 40 year old fiberglass pool until they contacted a realtor to sell the house.
This pool was loved and used by this family for most of the 25 years they lived there but over the last 5 to 8 years the pool was not used much.
While the surrounding pine trees added a lot of character to the back yard it’s almost impossible to maintain a swimming pool efficiently under the canopy of large trees like this.
Even with an automatic cover you still need to get the pine needs off the cover before you open. Pine needles really affect water clarity and pH .

Centennial Pool Removal

We have been removing swimming pools in the greater Denver area for years. We have seen this problem many times. Trees around a swimming pool grow into large shade trees that now shade the pool too much and drop too many leaves or needles.
This then becomes a pool maintenance nightmare. These lovely large trees now add more value and character to the property then the old pool that is impossible to maintain. Even if a new pool is installed there would still be the same problems with the surrounding trees.

This Centennial Pool Removal project was a good challenge. We were tasked with removing the pool right before the house was to be listed.

Mackland has built a good reputation in the Denver pool removal industry.
This gave the customer comfort that they were leaving the job in good hands.
We obtained the permits and removed the pool within 2 weeks of initial contact .
We recognized the importance of time and timing when selling a house so we gave this project priority over our other jobs.
Some pool removals are an emergency and need to be expedited this was one of them.
We even successfully built a ramp over a 18” tall brick masonry retaining wall in order to gain the correct.
There is no hurdle we can’t get over!

Our final step was to supply the customer with a pool removal report. This could be shown to the prospective purchaser as proof that the pool was professionally removed.

As the top pool removal contactor in the greater Denver area make sure that you contact us first!