Niles, Illinois Pool Removal

After many years of enjoying their pool, these homeowners decided it was time for the pool to go.  As is typical in more urban areas, the backyard was dominated by the pool and concrete pool deck.  They were anxious to have it removed and the area brought to lawn.  This was the first step in getting the house ready to sell in a few years.


Mack Land, LLC


Their pool was a typical style we see in northern Illinois – concrete pool bottom with 3-foot fiberglass sides.  We broke up all the concrete and hauled the fiberglass sides offsite.

Our use of smaller equipment really showed on this project.  With narrow side yards, our mini excavator and compact track loader were just the right fit to get the job done.  We removed their chain link fence to get in and reinstalled it once the project was complete.


Mack Land, LLC


After back filling, compacting, and bringing in topsoil to fine grade, we finished the project by rolling out sod to give them an instant back yard.  Now their dog has a place to play and any future owners will have a backyard to enjoy.


Mack Land, LLC


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Golden, Colorado Pool Removal

With this in-ground pool, our clients were in the processes of purchasing this new home.  Removing the pool was a contingent part of the sale of the house and needed to be completed in a short time frame.  We understood the client’s concerns and were able to remove the pool properly and in the time frame given.

The pool was an all concrete pool surrounded by a large concrete pool deck.  All of the concrete was broken down and used it as structural fill in the deep end of the pool.  We also removed a small shed that had housed the pool equipment.



After back filling, we brought the area to rough grade and installed erosion control blanket to stabilize the dirt.  Since the client’s had not moved in yet, they wanted to wait and see how they were going to use the space.



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