Schaumburg, IL Pool Removal

This Schaumburg, IL pool had been damaged by recent storms.  The homeowners had been debating removing the pool, and the last round of storms and damage helped make up their minds.

The pool was the dominant feature in the backyard.  It also had a large concrete patio associated with it.  We removed both the pool and the concrete patio, bringing them to a clean slate.

Mack Land, LLC

We finished the project with grass seed and blanket.  Phase 2 for our clients will be to install a new patio to fit their needs.

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Mack Land, LLC

If you are in the greater Chicago or Denver areas and need your pool removed then please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary estimate.

Chicago, IL Pool Removal

Sometimes we get a bit of a surprise once we start a job, this Chicago, IL pool removal was one of those.

As with many of the pool removal jobs that we get called to, one of the reasons for this one was the rising cost of maintenance which were becoming a bit of a burden on the budget. Sadly, there was a second reason as well. The pool owner’s family pet had recently drowned in the pool.

Now for the surprise. When we first did the site inspection for this Chicago Pool Removal it appeared that this was a liner pool with a vermiculite bottom. However once work got underway, we soon discovered that there were more layers. Under the vermiculite, there was also a concrete bottom.  Having been in the pool removal business for years, this did not phase us.  It did required a small adjustment in our overall approach as it is required that everything be removed.

Mack Land, LLC

As with all of our jobs, we take care of the environment to the best of our ability. In this case we installed plywood to protect the access path to the pool and part of the concrete patio that was to remain.

All existing pool water was then pumped out to the curb according to local regulations. Following this all electricity, gas etc. was safely disconnected.

As mentioned above, after using our low impact machinery to break up the concrete, it was removed off site and recycled.

Mack Land, LLC

The area was then filled, graded and finished with grass seed and blanket.

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No two pool removal jobs are the same.  Now and again as with this one, we get thrown the odd curved ball!

If you are in the greater Chicago or Denver areas and need your pool removed then please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary estimate.

Lake Forest, IL Pool Removal

MackLand, LLC removes pools all over the Chicagoland area.  Here is an example of one of the pools we have removed in Lake Forest, IL.

Our clients purchased the home a few years ago and had been working on updating the inside.  Now it was time to move outside.  Since moving in, they had never even removed the pool cover.  They knew the pool was in decline and it was just a matter of time before they were going to have it removed.  The pool dominated the backyard and they were looking forward to having a space to landscape and enjoy.

Mack Land, LLC

Lake Forest, IL has specific Pool Demolition Requirements.  In addition to these requirements, we also installed tree protection fencing.  We went above and beyond code by breaking up the pool bottom in it’s entirety and by removing the fiberglass sides and disposing offsite, we removed the walls 36” below grade, 3 times what code requires.

While we were on site, we also removed the previous owner’s dog run and the large concrete pad the pool equipment was sitting on.  This really opened up the yard, providing our clients with the open space they were looking for.  We finished the removal by bringing in clean topsoil and fine grading the area to match the surrounding lawn.  After spreading grass seed and straw blanket, the project was complete.

Mack Land, LLC

We have been specializing in removing pools for over 15 years and are experts in the field. If you live in the greater Chicago or Denver areas, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

New Evergreen Shrubs for 2019

Evergreen shrubs provide all season interest.  Below are some new introductions for 2019 from Proven Winners.

Pinpoint Blue False Cypress (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana)

Naturally growing as a narrow column, it’s unique blue color and soft, feathery texture make it a fantastic accent plant.  Reaching heights between 15-20’ and 5-6’ wide, it rarely needs pruning.  This deer resistant plant can be grown in part sun to full sun but does need great drainage.  Do not plant in low-laying areas.







Strongbox Inkberry Holly (Itex glabra)

This is a great alternative to boxwood.  Growing in a broadly rounded mound (24-36” tall and wide), it can be planted anywhere you would use boxwood – hedge, edging, or specimen.  Deer resistant, it grows faster than boxwood has better resistant to disease.







Sunjoy Todo Barberry (Berberis x ‘NCBX1’ USPP 29,504)

Semi-evergreen, this sterile barberry (it’s not invasive!) brings a pop of color to the landscape.  Deep, glossy purple foliage covers this 18-24” tall and wide shrub that thrives in the sun.  Highly deer resistant, this shrub requires no pruning to maintain its neat shape.






Ready to update your landscape?  Our Landscape Architects can help you make that happen.

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New Deciduous Shrubs for 2019

Every year, nurseries and plant growers present new deciduous shrubs for the growing season.  Below are some new shrubs presented by Proven Winners.


Scentlandia Sweetspire (Itea virginica ‘SMNIVDFC’ USPPAF)

This sweetspire promises to be more fragrant than other varieties and is sized (24”–36” tall and wide) to fit in any landscape.  It boasts longer, larger flowers that are more cold tolerant – hardy to zone 5 – and is a shade tolerant flowering shrub.  Sweetspire can handle wet soils as well as being deer resistant.




Suñorita Landscape Rose (Rosa x ‘Chewgewest’ USPPAF)

This continuous blooming rose sports orange flowers from spring through frost without deadheading.  Preferring full sun, this is a highly disease resistant variety.  With a mature size of 36”-48” tall and wide, this shrub can be used as a focal point or a flowering backdrop for other plants.




Bloomerang® Dwarf Purple Lilac  (Syringa x ‘SMNJRPU’ USPP 29,831)
Bloomerang® Dwarf Pink Lilac (Syringa x ‘SMNJRPI’ USPP 29,802)

These lilacs grow as a small, rounded shrubs (30”-36” tall and wide) enabling you to integrate it into the landscape easier than a conventional lilac.  Planted in full sun, blooms will cover it in spring and then reappear in summer and fall.  Deer resistant, this fragrant flowering shrub is hardy to zone 3.  As the name implies, Bloomerang Dwarf Purple has perfectly purple blooms and Bloomerang Dwarf Pink has pure pink blooms covering the plant (as you can see in the top photo).



Snippet® Dark Pink (Weigela florida ‘VUKOZLyra’ USPPAF)

Fitting perfectly in any sunny spot, this dwarf weigela has vivid pink blooms.  Like with other weigela, this shrub blooms in late spring, but then continues to rebloom all summer.  Deer resistant, this 12’-24’ tall and wide shrub works well to add color to any landscape.



Ready to add some color to your landscape?  Our Landscape Architects can help you make that happen.

With locations in both Chicago and Denver we are always ready to hear from you.

Ambrogio 4.0 Robotic Lawn Mower

The world of robotic lawn mowers is constantly growing and adapting.  In a previous post, Mack Land provided an overview of how robotic lawn mowers work.  We have also covered Ambrogio’s  GREEN line and PRO line.  Now, Ambrogio has released their 2019 NEXT line 4.0 models.

The Ambrogio 4.0 NEXT line has 2 models (Basic and Elite) that can be configured into six different robotic lawn mower models by changing the power unit.  This articulated robot adapts to change and is easily converted to meet your needs.

4.0 Basic

Mack Land, LLCThe 4.0 Basic model is ideal for those who want a simple and reliable robot that adapts to changes. It’s flexible, yet solid and secure structure enables the installation of three different types of Power Units, which allows it to convert from a robot small- to medium sized yards (with Power Unit Light up to .25 acres, Power Unit Medium up to .35 acres to a solution (Power Unit Premium) that covers up to .60 acres) with extreme precision. The brushless motors, rubber wheels and soft bumper complete the profile of an innovative robot that meets the most varied needs. Equipped with Bluetooth receiver, it can be controlled independently by a dedicated App. The new design also allows greater autonomy: the body designed around the blade provides quick and safe self-cleaning. The Basic 4.0 is the only customizable robotic lawnmower that changes with your yard!



4.0 Elite

Mack Land, LLC

The Elite model combines the features of flexibility and modularity with 4.0 technological innovation.
It comes with a ZCS Connect device that allows the safe connection of the robot anytime and anywhere, by means of GPS, Bluetooth and GSM technology.
With a simple touch, the robot can be stopped and started, and areas can be excluded. The Geofence Alarm allows the system to alert the user when the robot is taken from the yard. In this way, you will always be informed on the movements of your Ambrogio 4.0., with its evolved anti-theft system.
It can be combined with the Medium, Premium and Extra Premium Power Units going from .60 acres up to .90 acres coverage.
The Extra Premium kit permits equipping the robot with the inductive recharge. Ambrogio only has to touch the station, which is now smaller and less bulky, to recharge itself.
Inductive recharge avoids regular cleaning of the contacts. The adjustment of the blade height, now motorized, is also easy to operate, thus facilitating the use of your robot.
ZCS technology is more user-friendly and interactive for easier maintenance of your lawn in a completely autonomous manner. Always, anywhere, anytime… super smart Ambrogio!


Read more about these new mowers here.  If you live in the greater Chicago or Denver areas, give us a call to talk to us to see how a robotic lawn can work for you.


Pool Demolition and Removal in Northbrook, IL

MackLand, LLC has specialized in removing pools for over 15 years.  Northbrook, IL is a community where MackLand, LLC has consistently removed pool after pool.  Once summer we removed three pools on one street!  Over time we have built a great working relationship with the Village.

Northbrook, Il is one of the Villages that has seen a large number of older, failing pools be removed.  Because of this, they have put together a Swimming Pool Demolition packet that outlines their requirements.  Here at MackLand, LLC, we follow their code and go above and beyond to make sure the pool removal is done properly.  Our smaller, low impact equipment allows us to easily access backyards.  This helps reduce any additional damage to the yard or the neighbor’s yard.

Homeowners have varying reasons as to why they are opting to have their pool removed.  Some want a larger backyard space, sometimes the pool is past repair, sometimes it is the first step in preparing the house for sale.   Whatever the reason, MackLand, LLC is experienced and ready to get the pool removal project complete.

If you live within Northbrook, IL, Chicagoland or Denver metro areas, give MackLand, LLC a call and we can discuss your Northbrook IL Pool Removal project.

Littleton, CO Liner Pool Removal

Here is another Littleton, CO pool removal.  The homeowners came to the decision that they were not using the pool enough and wanted more usable backyard space.

This is another project where we did more than just remove the vinyl liner pool.  It is a perfect example of our Low Impact Pool Removal process.  All plastics and metals associated with the pool get hauled away and recycled.  All concrete associated with the pool is completely demolished.  It is processed into 8” fracture concrete gravel similar to PGE and used as fill. The pool area is restored to lawn. This method is lower impact and more cost effective because less has to be hauled in and out to fill in the pool.

With this Littleton, CO pool removal, we demolished the concrete walk around the pool.  We also removed a  concrete pad that did not serve a purpose for the homeowner.  All of the concrete was broken down and compacted in the bottom of the pool.  Homeowners are always given the option to have all portions of the pool hauled offsite even if leaving concrete onsite is accepted.

We also removed the failing timber retaining wall around their Colorado Blue Spruce.  The homeowners had a plan to create an outdoor seating area with a fire pit in this area.  We assisted the homeowners with starting the new seating area.  We met onsite at Santa Fe Sand & Gravel to hand pick several large granite boulders to reinforce the area where the timber wall had been.  The final seating area and new lawn area were completed by the homeowner.

If you live in the greater Denver or Chicago areas, make sure to contact us for a free quote to remove your pool.

Barrington, IL Indoor Pool Removal

The majority of the pools we remove are outside.  However, we also specialize in indoor pool removals.  Indoor pools present their own set of challenges.  With this Barrington, IL pool removal, we removed both the pool and the surrounding structure.

Our clients recently moved into the house and had no intention of keeping the indoor pool.  MackLand, LLC worked with both the buying and selling realtors to facilitate the the pool removal process.  We were able to start the permitting process while they were closing on the house, allowing us to start as soon as they moved in.

The indoor pool had been an addition to the house and was not consistent with the architecture.  Unfortunately, some details of the structure were costly to maintain and increased the moisture levels in the main house.  The roof of the structure had previously been damaged by hail.  While it had been repaired, it was most likely going to sustain damage again in any strong storm.  Most structures are not salvageable but this one was a prefab aluminum structure that could easily be re-purposed.  In this case, the homeowner was able to resell the structure.

Mack Land, LLC

With this indoor pool removal project, we went above and beyond code and removed all of the concrete both from the surrounding structure and the pool, and disposed it offsite at a recycling center.  Some of the brick work was stockpiled for future use to repair where the enclosure was attached to the main house.

After importing backfill and compacting in place, we fine graded the area to match the existing lawn.  The existing structure had landscape beds around the perimeter.  We worked to reconfigure the existing planting beds that were to remain so that they flowed nicely and did not look as they were leftover The client opted to finish with grass seed and blanket.

So if you live in the greater Chicago or Denver area and are looking to have an indoor pool removal requirement please make sure to contact us. Also make sure to visit our experience page to see some of our previous pool removal work.

Shrubs for Winter Interest

While flowering shrubs are fantastic through the spring and summer, to truly get color year-round, we need to look at shrubs that provide winter interest.  This can be accomplished through evergreen foliage, colorful branches, or berries.

Classic Evergreens

If you lean towards a more formal planting, boxwoods are great with their neat, tight forms that require minimal maintenance.  Chicagoland Green is a popular variety known for its cold tolerance and compact growth.  Green Velvet is a smaller variety that holds its glossy green color through the winter.  All boxwoods benefit from some winter protection.  Winter Gem is a variety that does best situated on the north side, protected from wind.

Bright Berries

Red berries popping against snow covered backgrounds is a timeless look in the winter.  Cranberry Cotoneaster – as its name implies – has cranberry sized red berries that persist through the winter.  Red Chokeberry is a great deciduous shrub that lends towards creating a hedge.  Not only does it give you great red fall color, its red berries persist through the winter.

Architectural Interest

Not all shrubs are grown for their foliage, its what shows up after the leaves had fallen that is the real show stopper.

Red Twig Dogwood is often a shrub used as a background plant.  However, its flashy red stems in winter make it stand out.  Arctic Fire Dogwood is a smaller variety that is easier to integrate into the landscape and still get those dark red twigs.

If you are looking for a focal shrub that has everyone asking, “What is that?”, Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick is it.  This slow growing deciduous shrub is known for its interesting gnarled and twisted branches.  While it will capture your attention year-round, the show yellowish-green catkins are striking in the winter.

Ready to add some winter interest to your yard?  Our Landscape Architects can help you make that happen.

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